Astraea is a delta on the southern side of the Valtentan continent. Strangely it has 600 yard sheer cliffs bordering it’s north and east sides wich are backed up by the high valtentan mountains – making it’s northern and eastern border safe from the rest of the continent. On it’s south and west sides the delta borders the Sea of Suns, but the water approach is shallow and full of shifting sand bars, again protecting the tiny country.

It is a mutually beneficial cosmopoly of humans, dwarves, orcs, and sea elves. With each bringing their unique talents to the table, the country has invented and exports the very powerful “blue powder” explosive which fires the miraculous cannons and fire arms that the country also exports.

More can be learned from the Letter from Berty wiki entry.

One of my major goals was to make the world very differnt from the standard-fare fantasy setting. Astraea has brown, rastafarian elves that endlessly sail the ocean on junks – trading as they migrate, dwarves whose culture resembles that of feudal Japan, Orcs that borrow from Native American (specifically northern tribes) culture, halflings in servitude, and a governmental and monatary system loosely borrowed from Renaissance Italy.

More important than all this macro-world stuff, are the stories told. There are many different types of adventure that can take place in Astraea; be it role playing or story telling. Dungeon delves, political intrigues, mysteries, horror, epic stories and one-shots all have homes here.

I’ve never been much of a dungeon master, but I find world-building relaxing and enjoyable. Among other things, it gives me a place to put little tid-bits of world history and knowledge I’ve picked up over time, and give them my own little spin.

I’ve been working on Astraea for about four years, and it’s contents are scattered across several notebooks and loose papers around the house. I’m so glad I found this site as it gives me a good place to capture all of my work.

I’m looking at starting a couple of games in the near future; one adult, one for kids. I plan to play both in different locations in Astraea.

Wish me luck!