Digging up the past

I’ve spent the day digging up old notes on Astraea; trying to consolodate. It’s been a bit of a chore. There seems to be little bits all over the place. One thing I’ve found that I was worried I lost was a map of Meratrix (New Haven). It took me a while to do, I was hoping I wouldn’t have to do it again from scratch.

I’m still looking for my dwarven notes. Somewhere I have several drawings of their home and descriptions of their culture and interesting characters / professions.

The search will continue.

Starting Astraea

Got the campaign set up today, entered the overview in the form of A letter to Aunt Berty.

Next steps will be to update the system with all the notes I’ve taken over the years about locations, cultures, economy, maps, and so forth.

Then the real down-and-dirty work can begin by starting to create the specific NPC’s and adventures and campaigns that reside in the world.

Good luck to me. I’m glad there is a place to put all this stuff. This is a really amazing service.

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