The Fogbottom Clan

For now, some notes on the Fogbottom clan.

As New haven politics grew corrupt certain enemies of the family were put into exile. Instead of felling to Arzul or something, the Fogbottoms took their fortune and began a clandestine movement, funding activities that promoted an independant spirit, that they think would eventually grow to oppose the current ragime – either directly or indirectly. Traveller inns, the confederation of free farmers, severl frontiersman, explorers, adventurers, and others find quiet assistance from the Fogbottoms. Usually the recipient never knows the gifts and assistance are part of an organized movement. – this is what I’m thinking now that I’m fleshing out New Haven, but I’m not sure about it. Could also be just a wealthy extended family that likes to explore and fund each others adventures. That was the original plan.

Members can climb the fogbottom higherarchy and be in on more and more, and assume more and more responsibility. There is usually a fogbottom meeting place in any city, but they can usually be found travelling.

From my notes:
  • Restauranteers and taverneers and innkeepers
  • Networked across multiple cities and towns.
  • Upper echelon mostly run by extended family.
  • They fund family expeditions and ventures mostly, but also bring in outsiders.
  • They promote their self interest
  • They do not support unlawful activites, but they also do not support or promote any particular government or law in particular.

The Fogbottom Clan

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